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Veterinary Surgical Specialists
7512 Paula Drive
Tampa, FL  33615

Note: Town N Country Animal Clinic is on the north side of Paula Dr. We are on the south side next to Skateworld

Office Hours:

Re-check Appointments

Please be sure to make your recheck appointment before you leave the office.

Some patients may require sedation for the recheck and some may require x- ray (radiograph) images to be taken.

We ask that you not give your pet a full meal before the appointment in case sedation is needed. In many instances it is not necessary to use sedation, but we advise holding off on food, just in case.

Before you contact us:  try to asertain from your vet what they think is going on and gather what they believe is necessary for us to see. ANY X RAY IMAGES that were made as part of  that are extremely helpful. It is your responsibility to have access to those images and any pertinent notes. jpeg images are preferred, links are acceptable too.

To contact us: Phone call first followed by providing follow up infomation via e mail. Please write down the name of the staff member you talked to to help with follow up.

After you contact us: the information you sent will be shared with the surgeon and a response generated within 24 hours.

Appointment: We will call or e mail you to discuss.


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